X-buffer? what do you mean?, easy, Flat-buffers and Protocol-buffers (this is not official, it is just a way I decided to group both terms)

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Every time a new technology or framework surges it is very common to think that is just better in all senses than the previous ones because is newer, however, it is important to understand what is the problem that aims to solve and if it is good enough in all contexts, that’s why I decided to write this post, in order to understand if the X-Buffers are really better than JSON.

In order to determine if using X-Buffers is a good idea, I will go through different scenarios doing a Golang Benchmark. …

One of the challenges some users (like me) face when trying to implement gRPC services into a Kubernetes cluster is to achieve a proper load balancing, and before diving into the way of balancing gRPC we first need to answer the question why do I need to balance the traffic if Kubernetes already does that job.

this article is focused on Kubernetes and Golang.

Why gRPC traffic is not properly balanced in Kubernetes?

The main reason why is difficult to balance the gRPC traffic is that people see gRPC as HTTP and here is where the problem begins, by design they are different, while HTTP creates and closes connections…

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